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Trademark Registration before (WIPO)

Turkey signed the Madrid Protocol, about international trademark registrations, in January 01, 1999. The trademark registration system of Madrid Protocol provides upper advantages for the firms, in the internal market.

In order to apply for the registration in terms of the Madrid Protocol, the trademark should have been applied or registered in the Office of origin.

The most significant advantage of the system is with only one international application and fee, it is possible to register trademark in 99 countries.

Attention please!

Some opportunist firms might want to register the trademark/trademarks that you have advertised already in the countries which you have exported. Either any rival exporter company in the same business field in Turkey, might register the trademark which you have advertised and promoted. If such event happens there would be confiscation risk for the goods at the customs.

This kind of events will cause many losses timely, materially and morally, in order to prove being the real right owner before the competent authorities and/or courts.

Currently member states of the Madrid Protocol system are 99 except for your country, please find the member states of WIPO on this link.

Please file the Communication form send e-mail to our address/send fax message to +90 312 230 5483 for information about Trademark Registration processes in terms of the Madrid Protocol or have correspondence with our head Office.